Natasha Dunn

“I believe children are our greatest assets. Invest in them early and the long-term benefits will have a positive impact on the world.”

Born and raised in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, Natasha is a proud HBCU Alumnus of Shaw University, holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Natasha has spent over 20 years in service working in the non-profit, labor,education, community organizing, and public policy. She is passionate about promoting greater equityacross Chicago. As the mom of three, Natasha also supports parents in Chicago Public Schools byproviding them with the tools necessary to advocate and support their children’s unique needs.

She is the co-founder of the Black Community Collaborative and was instrumental in pushing Chicago Public Schools to create a strategic plan for Black Student Success. Natasha also led the effort to codify into law a standing committee within the Board of Education focused on Black Student Achievement. innovative curricula as well as culturally-based social, emotional experiences for inner-city youth.