Billy Harfosh

Billy Harfosh interviews the most influential celebrities and politicians in America. His program ‘Show Up Arizona with Billy Harfosh’ has been aired across the state of Arizona on iHeartRadio.  Billy covered President Trump and his campaign extensively, interviewing all of the Trump family as well as many officials in The White House.  In the celebrity world he has welcomed hundreds of musicians, comedians, TV personalities, Emmy Award winners, Actors and Entrepreneurs from around the globe. From New York, Billy Harfosh  lived outside of the United States for 8 years, he left Corporate America in New York City to pursue a lifestyle abroad.

He has lived in Thailand, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Poland and Spain.  He was the host of the #1 English speaking radio program in Spain “Going Deep with Billy Harfosh” on Barcelona City FM. Billy is proud to now call Arizona home and he will never stop pursuing truth and freedom in state 48.