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Michael Bowen

Michael David Cobb Bowen

Is a Stoic writer, data engineer and author of the award-winning blog Cobb. He has been published in Newsweek and was a regular NPR contributor, host at Cafe Utne, founder of the Conservative Brotherhood, Rights Universal and Free Black Thought. His online writing projects on political, cultural and philosophical subjects reach back over 23 years.  His latest project, Stoic Observations, can be found at mdcbowen.substack.com


Michael David Cobb Bowen was the black conservative blogger ‘Cobb’.

Bowen considers himself a wry stoic and tactical epistemologist. data architect. writer. entrepreneur. foodie. anti-fragile. formalist. gearhead. hacker. maker. shooter. ooda buddha.

His current writing is focused on knowledge & power, global frameworks, information theory and the practical aspects of moving from philosophy to philosophy. The mission of Cobb is to document the journey of finding the true value of Western Civilization through Socratic dialog.

Mike Bowen is a data engineer with 30+ years’ experience of solution delivery in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. He has worked for Xerox Systems Group, Pilot Software, Arbor Software, Hyperion, Solver, Full 360 and Micro Focus. He has also managed in various consulting groups and his own businesses. Over multiple generations of tools and technologies his experience in verticals include Aviation, Financials, CPG, Energy, Manufacturing, Gaming and Healthcare.

Michael Bowen is a grown ass man from an old school family with roots from Connecticut on his father’s side and New Orleans on his mother’s side. His maternal forebears were never enslaved and goes back to St. Lucia and France. It includes the infamous voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. He has traveled extensively around the US and to several countries around the world on business.  He is married with three adult children and lives in Los Angeles County. He is the oldest of five children and grew up in LA’s famous West Adams neighborhood. He was confirmed by the Archbishop Rusack at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral in 1977. He was a child prodigy and was on the set of Julia, Gunsmoke, and the Louis Lomax Show. He played cello and surfed and skated at Venice Beach. He was a four year letterman and captain of the Springboard Diving team in high school, and as captain of the intramural soccer team, won the championship in his senior year. At University he pledged Alpha Phi Alpha and was twice elected as National Finance Officer of the National Society of Black Engineers. Bowen was an OG black pioneer on the internet going back to the late 80s at Xerox, writing consistently online to the present day.




Race In America – Thinking your way out of the box.

Tonic Masculinity – What it’s like to be a man who men confide in.

Peasant Theory – Class in America and how we should think about it.

The Stoic Life – Mental fitness, period.

The Cyber Life – New paths in the 21st Century for the Global Middle class

Old School Style – What worked that still works. Cultural edification. (Food, Arts & Crafts, Music,etc)


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