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Kira Davis

Kira Davis is an American writer, podcaster, film maker and political pundit. She was born and raised on Prince Edward Island in Canada, and frequently traveled back and forth between my mother’s island home and my father’s Washington D.C. abode.

After facing a lifetime of severe rural racism in a community that wasn’t quite ready to tackle tolerance, I moved to the United States to attend college and never left. My life has been diverse and eclectic over the years, but it changed dramatically when I married and moved to Gary, IN where I served my community as a non-profit director and my family as a stay-at-home-mother. It made me an advocate for school choice and for promoting justice in the Black community through educational opportunities, limited government interference and self-empowered communities.

My experiences with racism have driven me to advocate for reconciliation through forgiveness and grace. After a move to California in 2010 I shifted to political blogging in order to be home with my children and the rest is history. I’ve never said no to a new adventure. I love learning and I have let that drive motivate me to try new things and step into new opportunities. I’ve been a tutor and advocate, a comedian, an actress, a film maker and a writer. But my greatest roles in life have been mother and wife.

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