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Quisha King

A Connecticut raised girl with Southern beginnings and passion for life! I’ve always been a risk taker, a bit outspoken and not afraid to question my own preconceived notions. The shocker for me was that these personality traits would transform my life and propel me into a personal and professional life I am proud of. And all the glory belongs to God!

Long story short, after the 2016 election I begin to question the BLM narrative that was causing the riots and utter chaos in America. I had never bothered to question the prevailing narrative before. I only knew and believed that blacks voted Democrat and Republicans were for the rich and were racist. Period.

Where I’m from you can question the Bible more often than you question the Democrat Party. But me being me, I begin to have a lot of questions. I discovered Economist Dr. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Milton Friedman and I was blown away. I had never heard these brilliant thinkers, never challenged my mind in that way. So naturally, I was like game on! Let me dig a bit deeper.

A few months into, what for me was life changing, God spoke to my heart and told me that my skin color had become an idol in my life. This. Blew. Me. Away!

Other than the revelation of who Christ is and what he came to do and how I desperately needed His salvation, this revelation completely changed my life. It not only allowed me to pull down this enormous idol in my life but I properly placed the only one worthy of worship back in His proper place. This was not only a spiritual awakening that brought me closer to God, but also a hard reality check. And I have never looked at faith, family and politics the same.

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