Erec Smith

Erec Smith knows spin and how society has been brainwashed into certain thoughts and narratives, many times giving little thought to the truth. Smith teaches at York College of Pennsylvania as an Associate Professor of Rhetoric. Although he has eclectic scholarly interests, Smith’s primary focuses on the rhetoric of anti-racist activism, theory, and pedagogy.

He is a president of the Foundation for Free Black Thought, a group dedicated to highlighting viewpoint diversity within the black intelligentsia. Smith is a Writing Fellow for Heterodox Academy, a Senior Fellow for the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism and an advisor for Counterweight, an organization that advocates for classical liberal concepts of social justice.

Smith’s recent books include A Critique of Anti-Racism in Rhetoric and Composition: The Semblance of Empowerment (2020) and The Lure of Disempowerment: Reclaiming Agency in the age of CRT (2022).